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Monitoring smog pollution in your immediate environment
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Our stations in your area

In your immediate vicinity there are a network of stations, run by Eco Life, which form the hub forhome-users and other external stations. As a result, you live in a region constantly and precisely monitored for PM 10, PM 2.5, PM 1. At any time, you can check the quality of the air around you.


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How it works?

Indoor station "Air Quality" continuously monitors the air quality in the room in which it is located. Measured parameters to PM 10; PM 2.5; 1 PM; VOC; temperature and humidity. Measurements are communicated via the colours on the unit (red - alert, green - standard) and through the "cloud" to your smartphone and web application. We create a community and a network of devices that communicate the measurements from other parts of the city, which are also linked in to this, Eco Life, sharing community. Health, lifestyle and safeguarding choices are recommended based on the measurements and analysis of the data presented, providing recommendations in relation to health.Home device

AirQuality Ecolife Device

  • Home device
  • Mini sensor for temperature and humidity
  • Outdoor device
Ecolife stacja domowa
Particulate matter Volatile organic compounds Temperature Air humidity

The measurement of air pollution - dust suspension - PM 10; PM 2.5 and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Additionally, temperature and humidity readings.

Ecolife mini czujnik temperatury i wilgoci
  Temperature Air humidity  

Sensor for use outdoors (balcony, facade, window sill). Measurement of temperature and humidity

Ecolife stacja zewnętrzna
Particulate matter Volatile organic compounds Temperature Air humidity

Apparatus for outdoor use. Measurement of air pollution - particulate matter - PM 10; PM 2.5; PM 1. Additionally, temperature and humidity readings


  • home device
  • mini sensor of temperature and moisture
  • community

AirQuality Ecolife Device

The device for indoor use. The measurement of air pollution - dust suspended - 10 PM; PM 2.5; 1 PM and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Additionally, temperature and humidity.

Stacja domowa AirQuality Ecolife

Mini sensor of temperature and moisture

Sensor for use outdoors (balcony, facade, window sill). Performs measurement of temperature and humidity

Mini czujnik temperatury i wilgoci

Ecolife Community

Access to the community Ecolife in the form of monthly subscription. Measurement of all outdoor stations and indoor stations that users have shared. Recommendations for health.

Społeczność Ecolife


Recent research confirms that our long term health is put at risk, by our daily interaction with negative external environmental factors that can and do lead to our susceptibility to diseases, in particular cancers. Available studies show that between 70% -90% of cancers may be caused by external factors, allied to human behaviour. One of the most dangerous cancer-causing factors is Bezno-alpha-pyrene (BaP), associated with PM2.5 and PM10 emissions. There are a number of initiatives - covering different geographical areas - that monitor the atmosphere around us in terms of pollution min. PM 2.5 and PM 10. World Air Quality Index or the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. Despite the enormous popularity of these initiatives they have one limitation – they do not allow you to get information about air quality in a microcosmic area of, say, tens of square kilometers. This limits the ability to identify events or factors that affect the level of pollution. Moreover, our system allows the conscious management of indoor air quality. Therefore, if there is no local information available (from a few meters to a few kilometers), as well as a lack of information about indoor air quality, well, this does not allow for theimprovement in the quality of air in your environment.

About Us

We are a community that are aware of the environmental hazards associated with air pollution. Wewant to improve the quality of life of everyone in our region, affected by this problem. The community creates a solution - a platform. ‘Eco Life’, includes representatives from academia as well as, experienced structural engineers, electronic engineers, computer scientists. Also included are specialists and experts in the field of environmental protection, who fully understandthe scope of the impact of climatic factors on people's lives. Making an active contribution also are representatives of the medical profession. An initiative bringing together a broad spectrum of people for whom it is important to care about both the environment and the quality of life, lived by those in their community.


DTechEx Show – Berlin 2017

The quote from the judges - Mr Uwe Kubach – SAP and Dr Fanny Barde - Toyota Motor Europe:
Improving the air quality in cities is one of the greatest challenges for 21st century Europe. EcoLife have developed an end-to-end solution to monitor pollution, both indoors and outdoors and provide valuable insight from the data collected. This platform once implemented properly will be able to crowdsource information from sensor nodes and provide actionable insight to enable citizens to make informed choices and improve the air quality in their homes, offices and environment.


Eco Life has created a community of people who are not indifferent to the environment in which they live. We provide information on air quality for the metropolis, provinces and countries. From our network of measuring stations we are able to accurately monitor air quality and detect even minor changes. ‘Real time’ communicating them, we give people the opportunity to make informed decisions and choices regarding their immediate activity (eg. walking, training "outdoor", orventilate the room). We also forum and this facilitates the sharing of information that will make for more reliable, evidence-based, recommendations

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